CommPlete 4000
BRI/Analog Communications Servers

The CommPlete 4000 communications server family provides up to 32 affordable high-speed dial-in remote access and dial-out data and fax sessions. This server supports BRI ISDN for a true digital solution and analog WAN services on one chassis, making it ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses requiring remote access.

To reduce startup costs and speed up deployment, the CommPlete 4000 is pre-configured with Multi-Tech's RASExpress remote access software. When it's time to add more ports to the CommPlete 4000, it's as easy as adding another remote access server card and rebooting the server. RASExpress detects Multi-Tech cards automatically. This server includes the processing power and memory to support a fully loaded chassis.

RASExpress remote access software provides effortless management and extensive reporting using a web browser, a Windows-based GUI, telnet, or SNMP. The management tools provide enough features for experienced and inexperienced network administrators to effectively manage remote access with the CommPlete 4000.


  • Scalable to 32 dial-in/dial-out analog or ISDN ports using Multi-Tech serial, analog modem, or hybrid ISDN/modem cards
  • 10/100 Mb Ethernet connectivity to an IP/IPX LAN
  • V.90/56K and 128K BRI ISDN sessions supported
  • Industry-standard PPP/SLIP client support, as in Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, Citrix, Novell, SCO, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Dial-out data and fax support for IP/IPX networks
  • PAP and CHAP authentication
  • Multi-Tech RASExpress remote access server software built-in client for authentication to third party RADIUS/TACACS+ servers and a bundled RADIUS server application
  • Server-side channel bonding for analog or ISDN clients
  • Local and remote management using web browsers, telnet, ftp, SNMP, or bundled Multi-Tech management software
  • Rackmount design
  • Integrated universal input power supply
  • One year warranty
  • FREE Six-months on-site service in Delhi


The models below include everything needed to run a RASExpress server right out of the box. Specify North American, European, or British style power cord when ordering.




56K, 8-Modem RAS


8-Serial Port RAS


56K/4 BRI 8-Modem RAS (S/T)

Server Cards

For additional ports add up to three additional cards to the servers listed above.




56K, 8-Modem Card (PCI)


8-Port Serial Card (PCI)


56K/4 BRI 8-Modem Card (PCI)

Card Upgrade Board

For support of GSM cellular client access.




V.110 Daughter Card (4 BRI)

TUCOWS® Top 100 Internet applications included as a bonus for clients and servers

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