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DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions enables customers to extend intelligent networking service over existing phone line. DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions provides customers the ability to easily deploy of the device and offers as the same performance as of leased line with smaller investment cost. With DASAN xDSL Solutions, customers can enjoy variety of internet multimedia service such as VoD, on-line game, chatting, e-commerce, remote-medical and etc. with enhanced features and functionalities.
Key Features and Benefits
Cost-Effective Last-Mile Performance
To offer high quality networking service at low cost to customer, DASAN xDSL Solutions, based on its accumulated xDSL technology, provides the best last-mile performance. With DASAN xDSL Solutions, user will benefit elevated networking speed with enhanced capability of data transmission and network security.
Residential Network Application
In order to respond to diverse needs in a timely manner, DASAN Networks has developed and delivered various advanced xDSL solutions. DASAN xDSL Solutions maximize operating profit and productivity and competitiveness of the network. Supporting powerful xDSL applications DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions create the most optimal xDSL-based residential network.
Enterprise Network Application
DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions are a high-performance xDSL DSLAM to offer high-quality xDSL service to enterprise customer. Covering from manufacturing system, human resource system, and heavy multimedia data, DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions elevate networking competitiveness and value of the network by delivering advanced network security functions and other versatile networking functions.
DASAN Networks xDSL Solutions Portfolio
VDSL Solutions
DASAN VDSL Solutions make a 52.0/11.0 Mbps donw/uplink rate possible for asymmetric communication applications over 300m distances. DASAN VDSL Solutions are more than 800 times faster than current typical ISDN performance. VDSL Speeds available through existing copper telephone lines effectively compare with those offered by optical fiber and are significantly greater than ADSL technology.
ADSL Solutions
DASAN ADSL Solutions are designed for highly advanced technology IP DSLAM. Supporting direct internet connectivity without additional transmission devices, DASAN ADSL Solutions guarantee the high-performance ADSL-based last mile access.
SDSL Solutions
DASAN SDSL Solutions are designed for delivering enhanced networking performance comparable to E1/T1 line over existing telephone line. With built-in routing mechanism, DASAN SDSL Solutions realize direct internet connectivity and create cost-effective network.

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