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Flexible to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and diverse customer requirement, DASAN Networks Metro Ethernet Solutions create the most profitable metropolitan area networks. With full-line up multi-layer service portfolio, DASAN Networks Metro Ethernet Solutions deliver multiple data, voice, and video services over a high-speed access connection. Availability of affordable high-speed Metro Ethernet services that satisfy overall communications requirements, DASAN Network Metro Ethernet Solutions is clearing the path to a new era of information and communication.
Figure 1 : Metro Ethernet Network VS. Traditional Hierarchical Network.
Key Features and Benefits
Extended Networking Range
Overcoming the networking distance limitation by substituting the copper line with fiber optic cable, DASAN Metro Ethernet Solutions guarantee 100.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps forwarding rate up to 80.0 Km with stable and secured networking condition.
Cost-Effective Network Configuration
Realizing intelligent IP Routing function with other versatile networking functions into one platform, DASAN Metro Ethernet Solutions create cost-effective Metro Ethernet Network with easy-to-installation architecture.
Distinguished Networking Service
Offering high quality performance at low cost to customer, DASAN Metro Ethernet Solutions is capable of delivering voice, video, and other high-density multimedia data transmission with guaranteed wire-speed forwarding rate.
DASAN Networks Metro Ethernet Solutions Portfolio
Metro Ethernet CO Aggregator
Metro Ethernet CO Aggregator is designed for deployment in service provider center or business closets, aggregating data from Co and CPE of access layer and delivering to backbone network over fiber optic interface. Performing non-blocking wire-speed data transmission, Metro Ethernet CO Aggregator provides various networking services and uplink interfaces to create flexible and stable network configuration. DASAN Metro Ethernet CO Aggregator consists of V6124F, V5216F, V5124F, and V5116F.
Metro Ethernet CPE
Metro Ethernet CPE is designed for deployment in network terminals, performing non-blocking wire-speed network connectivity. Featuring versatile networking functions, Metro Ethernet CPE creates the cost-effective and the most optimal last-mile network condition. DASAN Metro Ethernet CPE consists of V6108F, V5108F, V1008F, and V1005F.
Integrated Network Configuration
Figure 2 : MAN Services over FTTH interface

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