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DASAN Ethernet Switch Solutions
DASAN Networks Ethernet Switch Solutions create competitive, efficient and profitable network by satisfying today's diverse demands of individual users through workgroup and backbone users. The cost-effective and high-performance solution for LAN(Local Area Network), DASAN Networks Ethernet Solutions realize wire-speed networking performance with advanced security and management functions.
Key Features and Benefits
Enhanced Switching Performance
- Realizing faster switching performance than existing switching hub.
- Presenting 100 Mbps guaranteed forwarding rate.
- Providing non-blocking wire-speed networking performance.

Various types of Interface
Interface Forwarding Rate Forwarding Range
10/100 Base-TX 10/100 Mbps 100 m
100 Base-FX 100 Mbps 2 Km (MMF)
100 Base-FX 100 Mbps 40 Km (SMF)
1000 Base-SX 1.0 Gbps 550 M (MMF)
1000 Base-LX 1.0 Gbps 40 Km (SMF)
1000 Base-ZX 1.0 Gbps 80 Km (SMF)

DASAN Networks Ethernet Switch Solutions Portfolio

Fast Ethernet Workgroup Switch
DASAN Fast Ethernet Workgroup Switch is designed to improve network performance and prepare networks for future bandwidth needs by segmenting the network into smaller domains, and by providing affordable dedicated bandwidth. DASAN Fast Ethernet Workgroup Switch is suitable for small and mid business network or ISPs. By providing versatile networking functions, such as VLAN, QoS, and MAC-based security, optimize the performance of your network and are fully interoperable with identical features on other DASAN Ethernet Switch Solutions.
Fast Ethernet Workgroup Layer 3 Switch
DASAN Fast Ethernet Workgroup Layer 3 Switch provides various interfaces to establish economical local area networks, suitable for enterprise-level workgroup switch. With advanced security and management function, DASAN Fast Ethernet Workgroup Layer 3 Switch promises faster data transmission with capability of constructing the large-scale network for handling the business unit applications. DASAN Fast Ethernet Workgroup Layer 3 Switch enhances service stability and scalability by featuring the layer 3 interface.
Gigabit Ethernet Switch
DASAN Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides an advanced high-performance enterprise gigabit switching, optimized for wiring closets and data center server farms with GIGA NIC. The high bandwidth switch fabric and buffer combination allows the switch to achieve high-speed performance on all Gigabit ports simultaneously. DASAN Gigabit Ethernet Switch supports all the advanced features to aggregate and switch the gigabit traffic of the network.
Gigabit & Fast Ethernet Server Switch
DASAN Gigabit & Fast Ethernet Server Switch creates the optimal network connectivity between servers and workstations. With load balancing and redirection technologies supported, DASAN Gigabit & Fast Ethernet Server Switch classifies and distributes the data traffic of web servers and bottleneck traffic of firewall, guarantees the wire-speed data transmission. DASAN Gigabit & Fast Ethernet Server Switch gives you more flexibility in the network, more cost effectiveness, and better performance, is an ideal solution for web service provider.
DASAN Ethernet Switch Solutions Network Application

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