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Compatible with any of networking interface, SONET/SDH or ATM/Frame, DASAN Networks Router Solutions provide versatile routing platforms for ISPs, Enterprise Units, Small and Brand Offices, and SOHO. DASAN Router Solutions, one of the outstanding solutions on the market, is purpose-built to combine multi-access routing, secure VPN, Quality of Service (QoS), enhanced management functionalities, all-in-one package. With DASAN Networks Router Solutions, now build your cost-effect, sophisticated and competitive Wire Area Network.
SOHO Router
DASAN SOHO Router is an excellent choice for home users wanting to share a single broadband connection over multiple computers. DASAN SOHO Router, one of the fastest Home Router on the market, is great for any home network for hosting your own web server, makes the SOHO stand apart from existing home routers. DASAN SOHO Router consists of V1501, V1502T, and V2502T.
Medium Business Router
DASAN Medium Business Router is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and small branch offices of larger corporations. DASAN Medium Business Router features versatile networking functions with the greatest compatibility with various applications. With built-in modem secures IP routing of 115.2 Kbps forwarding rate over existed telephone line, maintains the optimal network condition. DASAN Medium Business Router consists of V2608T, V2602T, V2601I and V2602T
Multi Access Router
DASAN Multi Access Router is a high-performance IP services router that extends far beyond simple routing to support a full range of business-quality IP service. DASAN Multi Access Router is purpose-built to combine multi-access routing, secure VPN, Quality of Service (QoS) management, and management capabilities in a cost-saving, all-in-one package. DASAN Multi Access Router is optimized for deployment at large regional enterprise offices and headquarters locations or at the network edge (POP). DASAN Multi Access Router consists of V3104, V3108, V3112, and V3302.
ATM Router
DASAN ATM Router provides high-speed inter-networking between the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and Layer 2 & 3 interfaces in a single platform. DASAN ATM Router provides small and mid-sized enterprises and service providers with a wide range of Layer 3 and ATM interfaces for building integrated solutions. DASAN ATM Router consists of V2501A, V3800A, V3840, and V3842.
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