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ACCESS-Gateway Series
H.323 VoIP Gateway
The explosive growth of the Internet and the almost universal deployment of corporate LANs have made IP networks ubiquitous. It is therefore a great deal of interest for service providers to use this resource for audio communication to offset the tariffs of public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

The DASAN ACCESS-Gateway series is a fully integrated and versatile stand-alone implementation for the transmission of voice data over packet-based networks. While converging voice and data networks, the ACCESS-Gateway seamlessly integrates into existing network structures by connecting directly to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) without additional software configuration required. The results are noticeable reductions in the high costs of network equipment.

The ACCESS-Gateway delivers high performance in real world environments by providing the ability to terminate ISDN, 56K Analog Modem, fax, and VoIP calls on the same interface. Integrated with the PSTN signaling gateway, the ACCESS-Gateway offers exceptional cost reducing solutions for Internet service providers (ISPs). The ACCESS-90V supports up to a maximum of 90 concurrent calls. The ACCESS-360V supports up to 360 calls on E1 interface.


Investment Protection

    Enable user to use existing telephony equipment including phones, faxes, and PBXs while providing profitable voice packet services over IP network
Universal Services
    Provide universal port data, voice, and fax services on the same interface, automatically reconfigured when incoming call is detected
Widespread Coverage
    Enable to expand customer base to millions of customers, supporting up to a maximum of 360 calls on E1 configuration.
Various Interface
    Support for a variety of interfaces, including FXS analog interface as well as R2, SS7, ISDN PRI, and V5.2 digital interfaces for interconnecting with the PSTN
Protocol for VoIP
    Support the full range of CODECs including G.711, G.727, G.729a, and G.723 for high compression and low delay.
    Support adaptive echo cancellation, voice activity detection, silences suppression, and comfort noise generation to ensure high-quality voice conversations.

    Provide redundant power distribution to back up the business-critical operation.


    CPU MPC 850, 50 MHz MPC 8240, 200 MHz PowerPC 750, 400 MHz
    Flash Memory 4MB, expandable to 8 MB
    DRAM Memory 32 MB 64 MB, expandable to 128 MB
    LAN ports One 100Mbps TX Ethernet port
    Serial Interface 8-port analog FXS 3-port E1 12-port E1
    Console ports One UART serial port
    Modem . ITU-T V.90, ITU V.34, V.34bis
    Fax . ITU V.17, V.29, V.27ter, T.30
    PSTN signaling . SS7, ISDN PRI, R2, V5.2
    CODECs . G.723.1, G.729A, G.727, G.711
    VoIP Protocol . H.323v2, SIP, MGCP
    VoIP Protocol . H.323v2, SIP, MGCP
    FoIP Protocol . T.37, T.38
    Power Supply 85 to 130 VAC/180 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz, dual redundant power 20/120/400W
    Dimension(m) 432 (W) * 364 (D) * 43 (H)



  • Compatibility with telephony equipment
  • H.323v2, SIP, and MGCP compliant VoIP gateway
  • SS7, R2, ISDN PRI, and V5.2 PSTN signaling algorithms
  • Up to 90 calls for Access-90V E1 interface
  • Up to 360 calls for Access-360V E1 interface
  • G.732, G729A, G.727, and G711 CODECs support
  • Integration of Voice/Fax/Modem
  • Advanced security through RADIUS, and Syslog function
  • SNMP compliant administration
  • Redundant power supplies
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