ISDN Modem with 2 Analog Ports



  • High-speed Internet and LAN access Easy to configure.
  • Integrated analog and digital capabilities
  • ISDN Dial-Up Connectivity for Telecommuters and Power Users.

The MultiModemISDN is a Basic Rate Interface ISDN modem that provides high performance and reliability for telecommuters and SOHO power users who require high speeds to send or download graphics,large files, video clips, or music files.The multimodemISDN is ideal for anyone who wants affordable digital access to the corporate LAN and the Internet.


  • Provides Plug and Play operation for easy installation
  • Supports ML-PPP for bi-directional data transfer speeds up to 128K bps
  • Transfers data at speeds up to 512K bps with 4:1 compression using Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT
  • Features dynamic bandwidth allocation with call bumping and line monitoring
  • Works with PCs and Macintoshes
  • Tone detection allows use of standard phone for ISDN line access
  • Supports caller ID reporting
  • Auto detects Voice or Data calls
  • Includes data communications, faxing and other value added software
  • Supports single-cadence and dual-cadence ring signals on the analog port
  • Provides two analog ports for a phone, fax machine, answering machine, or analog modem
  • Upgrades easily with built in Flash memory
  • Features a full service, two year warranty.

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