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Mail Server Features
Open Standards, Performance, Reliability & Integrated Solution are the basis of our philosophy. The AWS Mail Server is the most flexible, reliable and robust messaging solution. With our design philosophy, customers who choose AWS Mail Server can be assured that their messaging system will work with the leading desktops and conform to the latest standards.

Today's business environment has increased the need for electronic communication and collaboration. We recognize this need and offer products and solutions that fit with your organization's objective. AWS is uniquely positioned to provide NT based solutions for the selection, design and delivery of comprehensive messaging infrastructure.

The AWS Mail Server supports unlimited users for one low price and is fully scalable to meet your needs. It can handle mail for more than one Domain. AWS Mail Center is the Web-based interface for users of AWS Mail Server . Users can manage, read, compose mail on the Web with Outlook Express, or Netscape. They can also make an extensive search on messages, create their own folders, tell mail server to automatically respond to their mails when ever they are away. Relay Filters are also an important part of AWS Mail Server , preventing spammers from hijacking your system to send hundreds of thousands of outgoing messages, leaving you with the system load- and the blame.

The AWS Mail Server also provides a ColdFusion tag which, when used, a customized web interface for administrating the mail server can be made. Also has a rich GUI interface for all mail function administration. Interface to "Right Fax" server for email to Fax. Mails can be sent to all users or selected users from a single point in interface easily.

Check Mail
You can view your messages on this page. You can also sort, move and delete the messages with the help of this page
This page provides you with the details of default folders as well as user created folders. One can create, edit and delete folders with the help of this page.
With the help of compose page one can write and send a message. The message can be with/without attachments.
Address Book
One can create and store the mail address of a person and related data. Links for editing and deleting an entry are provided as well.
User can search the messages on the basis of message contents, sender's name, date  etc.
Mail center also provides facilities like Auto-responder, Signature, Filters.
User can configure what facilities he wants to avail and also the looks of some important pages.
Account Info
User can change his Login and password with the help of this page.
With the help of this facility a person who knows the password of your mailcenter (Generally administrator) can create new accounts on your mailcenter. As well as he can edit and delete existing accounts

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