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  • IP router interface for Crocus baseband modem family
  • Direct 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • LAN-interconnect with speeds up to 2 Mbps
  • Manageable under HP OpenView®

The Crocus Router Interface integrates high-speed baseband technology and IP routing in one single piece of equipment. The router fits into the current generation of Crocus baseband modems as does any other Crocus modular interface and permits an Ethernet segment to be connected directly to the modem. The routing performance of this powerful router interface enables 100% of the available bandwidth to be used on the baseband modem link.

Many vendors use only bridge technology to make LAN-to-LAN connections. This approach is adequate for only a few users. It also has the major drawback of sending the broadcast traffic over the access link, thus reducing the overall performance of the network. In addition, security and reliability issues may require the use of a router instead of a bridge.

The integrated Crocus Router Interface on one side of the link can be combined with an external router on the other side of the link. In this case, the external router will be connected to the Crocus modem by means of a serial interface, like V.35. This combination has the advantage of combining an integrated and cost-effective solution on a remote user site with the power and flexibility of an external router on a central access site.

The router-interface card is available either in a transparent or in an Nx64k version. With the transparent interface card, the complete available modem bandwidth is used by the router interface. With the Nx64k version, the operator can configure the router-access speed as any multiple of 64 kbps up to the speed available on the line access. The available throughput rate can be adapted dynamically on each individual link (e.g. from a central maintenance centre). An Nx64k type of interface on one side of the link can also be combined with a G.703 interface (with G.704 framing) on the other side. The Nx64k data stream is mapped into G.704 time slots (fractional E1) and becomes output on the G.703 interface at the other end of the connection. This time-slot mapping is entirely under operator control, offering the largest possible flexibility for the interconnection to a G.704 based Digital Access Cross Connect System (DACCS) or an SDH backbone.

After routing of the IP packets, the LAN traffic is encapsulated for transmission over the WAN link. The router supports PPP and Frame-Relay encapsulation.

Features of the Crocus Router Interface include Static IP routing, RIP version 2, filtering of IP packets based on their IP address, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT). The Crocus Router Interface supports auto-install features over the WAN network for both PPP and Frame Relay. This makes it ideally suited for plug and play installation at customer premises while the configuration is prepared at a central site.

IP connectivity through DACCS and Frame-Relay backbone

In the example, the Nx64k Crocus Router Interface is installed in the desktop equipment at the customer site. At the access point, the Crocus equipment with G.703 interfaces (with G.704 framing) feeds directly into an Access Cross Connect System, which routes the encapsulated IP traffic into a frame-relay backbone. At some central place, a powerful router will serve all the users (e.g. for Internet access).

The equipment is supported by a unique and free Windows® application, which gives the user a powerful maintenance tool for both locally and remotely installed equipment. In addition, the Crocus Router Interface is supported by a management module that runs under HP OpenView®. On this platform, one can combine the management of the Crocus Router Interface with the management of modem and third-party equipment.


LAN interface:

  • RJ45 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Automatic TP polarity reversal
  • Fully IEEE 802.3 compatible

IP functionality

  • IP routing: Static routes, RIP version 2
  • IP address configuration: static, BootP, DHCP
  • IP filtering: On IP source address
  • NAT and PAT: Official addresses on WAN side

WAN encapsulation

  • Frame Relay
    • Encapsulation standard: RFC 1490
    • Encapsulation type: PVC (Permanent Virtual Channel)
    • Supports multiple DLCIs
    • Auto-install
  • PPP
    • CHAP
    • Auto-install


  • Processing speed: up to 14400 packets/sec
  • Forwarding on WAN link: up to 3000 packets/sec
  • Buffering: up to 7000 packets (64bytes/packet)


  • LNK: indicates the good Link integrity on the UTP interface
  • TX: indicates the LAN is transmitting data
  • RX: indicates the LAN is receiving data
  • COL: indicates the occurrence of a collision on the LAN
  • ERR: indicates an overrun/underrun in the router functionality

Nx64 kbps functionality (Nx64k model only)

  • Configuration of any multiple of 64 kbps, up to the line speed
  • G.704 compatible framing for direct interfacing on central cross connect systems, SDH backbones, and routers equipped with G.703 interface


  • TMA (Telindus Maintenance Application) for Windows® based configuration, status, and statistics.
  • HP OpenView® integrated management
  • SNMP:
    • Trap support, including device specific traps
    • MIB2 support (status and statistics)
    • Private MIB

Configurable Ethernet interconnection speeds

Transparent IP Router Nx64 kbps IP Router
Crocus SDSL-F 128,384,768,1152 kbps Nx64 kbps (Max 1152 kbps)
Crocus SDSL-F 2M 128,256,384,512,768,1152,1536,2048,2304 kbps Nx64 kbps (Max 2048 kbps)
Crocus HDSL-F 2048 kbps Nx64 kbps (Max 2048 kbps)
Crocus FO10M Nx64kbps (Max 2048kbps) -

Environmental requirements

  • Ambient operational temperature : 0° C to 50° C
  • Storage temperature : -25° C to +70° C
  • Maximum altitude : 3000 m
  • Relative humidity : 0% to 95% non-condensing

IP router interface Sales Items

  • 161.614 ROUTER (Nx64K) INTF. CROCUS

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