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Model No: V6124F

V6124F Layer 3 CO Switch
Creating scalable, efficient, and reliable networking environment, DASAN V6124F Layer 3 CO Aggregator is an ideal Metro Ethernet solution for enterprise network. With full function routing and switching capability, V6124F performs dynamic bandwidth provisioning and connection-oriented accounting, extends the delivery range of intelligent IP services to the Metro access edge. Standard VLAN protocol specified in IEEE 802.1Q provides an easy method of rolling out basic firewall and segmenting traffic. V6124F provides 13.0 Gbps, 19.0 Mpps of forwarding rate, guarantees non-blocking wire-speed data transmission. With both Ethernet & ATM interface supported chassis type architecture, 1 Modular Fabric & Management board and 6 Modular Service Interface, V6124F allows users to change the service interface without shutting down the system power. For the service interface, V6124F provides 4-Port based 6 service modules of 10/100 Base-TX or 100 Base-FX. For the Ethernet and ATM supported uplink interface, user can choose from 4-Port 10/100/1000 Base-T, 100 Base-FX, or GBIC Ethernet only uplink interface, or 2-Port ATM OC-3 with 1-Port 10/100/1000 Base-T, 100 Base-FX, or GBIC ATM & Ethernet mixed uplink interface.
  Key Features and Benefits
Enhanced Networking Performance
- Performing forwarding rate of 13.0 Gbps and 19.0 Mpps.
- Realizing standard IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Protocol.
- Providing ATM & Ethernet mixed uplink interface.
- Port Trunking.
  * Preventing unexpected service failure.
  * Featuring 14 Groups of 16-Port/Group Port Trunking Architecture.
- IP Multicasting.
  * Support PIM-SM and IGMP Snooping.
  * Reducing unnecessary network traffic occupancy.

Service Stability & Network Flexibility
- Chassis Type System Architecture.
  * Easy-To-Change Module Type Fabric & Management Architecture.
  * Hot swappable 6 modular Service Interface. (4-Port / Module)
- Providing standard STP/RSTP Protocol.
- Preventing unexpected power supply failure with Power redundancy architecture.
- Stabilizing operating temperature with Fan redundancy architecture.
- Flexible network configuration with 8,192 MAC Address.

Advanced Network Security
- Realizing FPGA for advanced network security.
- Featuring NetBEUI & NetBIOS Filtering.
- DHCP Filtering : Blocking unwilled messaged from private DHCP server message.
- MAC Filtering : Preventing unauthorized network access by identifying
  MAC Address.
- Supporting 4,096 tagged VLAN.
- User Access Control Prevents unauthorized system configuration re-setting.

Traffic Management
- Supporting standard IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service Protocol.
- Featuring Packet Classification & Marking and Congestion Management.
- Rate Limit Control : 1.0 Mbps for Ethernet Interface & 8.0 Mbps for Gigabit Interface.
- Providing PIM-SM, IGMP, IGMP Snooping.
- Realizing QoS-Guaranteed 100 Channels.

Layer 3 Highlights
- Supporting Standard IP Routing Protocols.
  * RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2, BGP v4.
  * Performing Load Balancing technology over static routing interface.
  * Supporting minimum 2 default gateway configuration.
- Providing standard DHCP Server/Relay Protocol.
  * Auto IP Address allocation.
  * Supporting minimum 4 groups of C Class IP address.
  * Supporting minimum 2 DHCP server configuration.
  * Preventing service failure even after lease time. (20 Min.)
- IP Packet Filtering.
  * Packet management by order of packet priority.
  * Preventing unauthorized access.
  * Allowing only packet form main & sub-network by IP address classification.

Layer 2 Performance
- Support standard Layer 2 Protocols. (STP, VLAN, VLAN Trunking, Link Aggregation)
- Performing 32K Jumbo Frame management.

Network Management
- SSH (Secure SHell)
  * Encrypting all traffic. (Including password)
  * Eliminating eavesdropping connection hijacking and other network-level attack.
- GUI-based DWM (DASAN Web Manager) : Supporting remote network
  configuration and monitoring.
- CLI-based DSH (DASAH SHell) : Providing common user interface with
  command set.
- Stacking : Managing maximum 30 switches by integrating into single IP address.
- Upgrading software version and system configuration through FTP or TFTP.

Traffic Monitoring
- Port Mirroring : Detect Port-Based traffic with Sniffer.
- Remote Monitoring : Analyzing network traffic by SNMP or RMON
  V6124F Specification
Features V6124F
Processor PowerPC
Flash Memory 16 MB
DRAM Memory 64 MB (Max. 256 MB)
Ethernet Port
[Number of Port]]
10/100 Base-TX or 100 Base-FX [24]
Uplink Port
[Number of Port]
I ) 10/100/1000 Base-T, 100 Base-FX, or 1000 Base-X GBIC [4], or
II) ATM OC-3 [2] + 10/100/1000 Base-T, 100 Base-FX, or 1000 Base-X GBIC [1]
Console Port RJ-45 to DB9
MAC Address 8,192
Switching Capacity 13.0 Gbps, 19.0 Mpps
VLAN 4,096
Power Supply AC 90~120, 50/60Hz, 120W, Single Power (Dual Power Option)
Operating Temperature ('C/'F) 0 ~ 50 / 32 ~ 122
Storage Temperature ('C/'F) -40 ~ 70 / -40 ~ 158
Operating Humidity (%) 0 ~ 90, Non-Condensing
Weight [Kg] 11.5 Kg
Dimension (mm)
[W x D x H]
432 x 531 x 120
Standard Protocols IEEE 802.1D STP
IEEE 802.1p QoS
IEEE 802.1w RSTP
IEEE 802.1x Port-Based Authentication
IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation

RFC 1058 RIP v1
RFC 1157 SNMP v1
RFC 1583 OSPF v2
RFC 1656 BGP v4
RFC 1723 RIP v2
RFC 1901 SNMP v2
RFC 2236 IGMP v2
RFC 3046 DHCP Relay
RFC 3195 Syslog

SSH (Secure SHell)

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