3-Modem Remote Access Server

The RASFinder remote access server, with its three integrated V.90/56K modems, provides connectivity to the corporate LAN for telecommuters and mobile users. The RASFinder is an inexpensive, easily implemented remote access solution.


  • Three integrated V.90/56K modems
  • 10 Mb Ethernet connectivity to IP/IPX LANs
  • Industry-standard PPP/SLIP client support, as in Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, Citrix, Novell, SCO, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Dial-out data and fax support for IP/IPX networks
  • PAP and CHAP authentication
  • Flash memory on modems and server for firmware updates
  • RADIUS authentication and accounting support
  • Remote configuration and management over the Internet using a web browser, telnet, tftp, or bundled management software
  • One year warranty
  • FREE Six-months on-site service in Delhi




56K, 3-Modem Turnkey RAS

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